Tour dates

There are no upcoming tour dates after DEC 15 2014

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  1. chris says:

    hey, just wanna know when ut in switzerland rockin tha stage in 2016, greets from rockin switzerland

  2. Edoardo says:

    Hi Adam,

    I went twice on your concert in Italy (once in Turin, and other in Calizzano, area of Savona, thanks to Tommaso, better known as Brosky).

    My bro growed up eating AC/DC and drinking Ramones. He was so surprised when he enjoyed your concert: amazing, wonderful, unbelieveble.

    Next year, on 1st of August 2017, it’ll be his birthday n° 50.
    Great number, great party. During the previous wend there’ll also be the party of our country town. It’s the littlest place that you could see in whole Europe (and I know that you stayed every where in my continent), with so few souls still alive and living there. But with the help of tourist as us, we’re able to organize a crowded party (well, in consideration of the place). On sat night there could be 1000 persons etaing, drinking and dancing.

    So I have everything: my best place in the world, a nice town party, the 50 birth bro, alcool, food, all our friends… But what we need to make it better and invincible is you and your band.

    Could you join with us this crazy idea?

    Thanks, and ssshhhhtt, my bro doesn’t know about this

    p.d. I put the website of my store and restaurant that I own in Turin within my brother

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